1. Ken’s Van Service is the leading mover in New York City (all five boroughs and in the Tri-State Area of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania for Housing Works, widely considered the best thrift shop(s) in the area and possibly the country. If you have a thrift store find, you want to dial Ken’s. Housing Works selected Ken’s Van Service for its personal service; for its fast pick up no mater how tiny your needs from a set of dishes too heavy to carry home to a couch and chairs.
  2. Ken’s is fully insured and will handle all moving jobs no matter the size safely, securely and within the guidelines of the building or home where you live.
  3. Ken’s Rates are reasonable. If you need that small Housing Works or other thrift shop pick-up and delivery within 24 hours, Ken’s will do it and will do it affordably – without the usual over-the-top minimums or a refusal to do the job at all. Big jobs come in below the “usual” range for movers in the area served. Ken’s prefers that you focus on your move, not your wallet.
  4. Call and you speak to Ken at Ken’s Van Service directly. And within 24 hours, your move will be personally scheduled at your convenience.
  5. No moving job is too small. If you need help taking a stack of dishes home because you just don’t want to carry it? Call Ken’s. If you see a side table at a favorite store or thrift shop and need it picked up and delivered asap, call Ken’s. The Van Service stands alone in handling the tiny jobs no one else will – and doing it with grace and care and professionalism.
  6. Ken’s Van Service handles very large moves. Large moves are often handled within days including packing – or exclusive of packing. The company is insured and experienced in working in luxury high-rises in Manhattan, in estates in locations such as Westchester and Greenwich Connecticut, and in estates in the Tri-State area.
  7. Ninety percent of Ken’s Van Service clients return – and return and return. Indeed, most “stay with Ken for life.” Through the tiny moves, through the big ones and through recommending Ken to their children as they “move” through their lives, too.
  8. Please see testimonials on this site for more.