About Us

Ken’s Van Service is professional, safe and secure – and “personal”. Ken takes your calls himself. Ken cares about his many clients who often say that during their move(s) that it was Ken who was there for them listening as they emptied an estate or closed up a home our outside office for the last time.

And it was Ken who told them the best painter to hire; what to store and what to throw out; where to store it; and, yes, even the actual furniture to buy.

If you have a favorite thrift shop, as Ken’s clients do, and you like so many other regular clients, instantly fall for a new find, no longer do you have to walk away because you can’t figure out how to get it home Dial Ken’s and they will be there to pick it up for you – from a single lamp to a living room’s worth of goods.

It’s no wonder, then, that Ken’s alone is the official mover for Housing Works, the leading thrift shop(s) in Manhattan the Regency Auction House in Rockaway NJ, and many vintage shops in NJ and as far away as Old Chatham NY.  Housing Works has a rigorous selection process and it was Ken’s that stood out and that continues to serve its many customers with speed, grace and care.

For Ken’s alone, no move is too small – that table or floor lamp or a two-drawer filing cabinet or something you just don’t want to lift – or too big – an estate in Greenwich, Connecticut and all locations in the tri-state area

Ken’s clients have learned to let Ken know if they need anything furniture-wise as they are moving. A dresser; a headboard; an entire living room set; doesn’t matter what it is. Ken will keep an eye out and, yes, much of the time Ken will have what you need or will find it for you as many clients turn over their cherished items and Ken has already lined up someone who needs it asap. There may be a small additional charge from time to time but he’s on the case for you 1-2-3!

And if you need one of those common moving-related services such as painting, tiling, plumbing or need your kitchen re modeled, Ken’s has selected his team with special moving-related talents in mind so that each member either has the skills clients most often seek or they know exactly who you can call – often “in a pinch” – and they get the job done on time, with great care and finesse and at reasonable rates.

Yes, Ken’s stands out for its affordable rates. Ken’s is here to help – and that includes keeping the bill as low as possible at a time when you need to focus on more important things.

Call 917-817-2000 for more information – from Ken himself!

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